Fratres (2012)

The piece “Fratres” is composed and conceived as a prayer and is thus directly connected to the text of the Requiem. Christian Dachez’s compositions are intended to bridge the gap between Requiem and French Modernism. In both works one hears the idea of shadow landscapes as reflection and thought process. Finally, Winkler’s “Trois pièces très petites et très lentes” also open up a space for meditation and contemplation – a place where the search for and creation of identity becomes possible.

The concert program

1. Christian Dachez (*1951): Azalée II for violin solo (premiere)
2. Christian Dachez: Paysage d’ombres (2004) for mezzo-soprano and strings
3. Arvo Pärt (*1935): Fratres (1977-1992) for violin solo, strings and percussion
4. Andreas J. Winkler (*1974): Trois petites pièces très lentes for strings (premiere)
5. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791): Requiem (1791) in its original version as fragment

Julia Reckendrees, soprano
Deniz Uzun, Maria Rodríguez Luengo, mezzo-soprano, alto
Robert Reichinek, tenor
Dionysios Tsaosidis, Magnus-Cosmas Piontek, bass

Impronta – Ensemble für neue Musik
Jeanne Vogt, violin
Andreas Luca Beraldo, conductor

Concert dates

16 june 2012, 20:00, Saint André de l’europe, Paris (F)
17 june 2012, 16:00, Haus Heinrich Heine, Paris (F)
24 june 2012, 20:00, St. Josef, Mannheim (D)