Creando (2014)

In summer 2014 we have been invited to the contemporary music festival “risonanze armoniche” in Trento under the artistic direction of the renowned Italian-French oboist Marika Lombardi. In 3 concerts (including the closing concert of the festival) we focused on the oeuvre of Christian Dachez.

The works “Azalée” (UA) and “Azalée II” (premiered in 2012 by Jeanne Vogt as part of Impronta’s debut programme) for solo violin, written in 1998 and 2001, will frame the concert. Furthermore, the string trio “Trèfle” (2003) and the oboe concerto “oeuvre en noir” (2014) dedicated to Marika Lombardi and composed for this festival will be premiered. The wind quintet Animos, to which Marika Lombardi also belongs, will be added. The work for string orchestra “L’arbre sur la lune” (2000) rounds off the picture of Dachez’s diverse poetics.

The concert program

1. Christian Dachez (*1951): Oeuvre en noir – concerto for oboe and chamber orchestra (premiere)
2. Christian Dachez: Trèfle fo2 2 violins and cello (premiere)
3. Christian Dachez: Azalée (premiere) for violin
4. Christian Dachez: Azalée II for violin
5. Christian Dachez: L’arbre sur la lune for strings

Concert dates

29 july 2014, 20:45, SASS, Trento (IT)
30 july 2014, 20:45, Villa Ciani Bassetti, Lasino (IT)
31 july 2014, 20:45, Palazzo Eccheli-Baisi, Brentonico (IT)